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When it comes to TIG welding you need a lot more practice than most welding machines to become proficient. Due to the fact that the TIG welder is a lot more challenging to use, so we have come up with some tips to help. Below are tips to keep in mind when learning the basics of TIG welding.

1. When it comes to tungstens, make sure you grind it correctly. Not correctly grinding your tungstens is a common first-time error beginners tend to make. Make sure you are grinding the tungsten as even as possible and length-wise. Grinding in the wrong direction will make for an unpredictable arc that tends to wander on the work piece. It is advisable to use a tungsten sharpener to avoid your tungstens from being contaminated if using an all-purpose grinder.

2. The most frustrating parts of learning to TIG weld, as well as one of the hardest to obey is; regrind if you touch the tip. If you touch your tungsten tip into the puddle, you have contaminated it and you have to regrind the tungsten. The contamination will be evident because the arc will start to wander badly and it will be difficult to keep a focused arc on the metal. 3. TIG welders require a clean surface as it is unlike other types of welders it requires a clean surface to produce a nice and clean arc weld. Be sure to clean the work surface well before you weld. The more time you take cleaning your work area before welding, the better your final results will be. Furthermore, make sure that you do not use the same wire brush, to clean your surface and the same brush you use to clean rust and scale off of your chassis.

4. Finally, if you want to keep up productivity there are a few things you can do to keep your welding to last longer and without interruptions. A few things can be done to minimize the time it takes to learn how to TIG weld. Keeping any pieces, you plan to weld cleaned and in arms reach will help you get through all the welding faster. Another big one is to keep extra tungstens around in case you contaminate one. Finally, keep plenty of extra filler rod in arms reach as it will go quickly.

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