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Why Is Welding Still Vital Today?

Why Is Welding Important?

Development Of Products

There are a lot of products which we have and use in our day to day life which we may not even think has come from the welding process.

Practically all vehicles, both land and sea, have used welding machines in order to be welded together, including car parts, buses, boats, ships, planes and helicopters.

Parts which would otherwise be unable to be joined are now firmly held together, offering the best results and performance for their desired function.

On top of this, the fact that there is welding machine repairs means that you will not have replace your welding machines every time they begin to dwindle .

Development Of Infrastructure

When you think about huge metal beams and wires, including metal mesh, which will all be used to strengthen a structure, such as bridges, have you thought about how all of these pieces are connected and held together?

Yes, concrete is used in order to bind these metal parts in a way which not only hold it in place, but also strengthens the concrete itself, however, welding specialists services are used in order to weld the parts together, with some parts stretching over a few metres in length.

Welding machines are used in order to allow two different parts to be secured and connected together, holding the entire structure together, allowing for loads to be placed on them, where it will absorb the weight rather than be too static.

Inclusion Of Women

Welding for the longest time had been a sector ran by men, with the employment being completely male dominated.

During World War I, when a large population of men went to war, women were drafted into the workforce in factories and industries where welding was the main productive function.

Welding specialist services after this, saw a boom of women who began to work in factories, with welding skills at the same level as men, changing the perspective of women as just housewives.

It hasn’t been all rosey however, where women in welding has still been a lower percentage than men.

There has been a conscious effort from industries which use welding machines to include women, contributing to their efforts to be far more inclusive than they might have been in the past.

Running Of Everyday Life

Tru-Butt ensures that welding machines are efficiently and correctly repaired and rewinded, helping businesses to maintain their productivity.

Welding has changed our landscape, with streets and structures being far more reliable than those of the past.

On top of this, new welding techniques and processes has allowed for welding to be much more efficient and give guaranteed results.

Welding has allowed for buildings to be designed far taller and much wider, with the infrastructure being able to support the weight and size of the building.

If you are in the welding business, and are looking for a welding specialist services in Germiston, which will be able to repair and rewire your welders, then look no further than Tru-Butt.

Shortage Of Welders

Presently, we have far less welders in society than in years gone by, causing a lot of panic in the sense that there will be fewer people with welding skills, something we need for both product and infrastructure development and improvement.

Welding and welding machine repairs are lost arts in a sense, and the knowledge and expertise of being lost as the welders who are still working are fairly old, with youth not picking up the trade.

Regardless of the reason as to why there is a decrease, the fact remains that we need welders to do their job in order for our society to be where it is, as well as advance.

Where the expertise may becoming lost, you can trust in Tru-Butt to provide top quality welding machine repairs and rewinding for welding machines across Johannesburg.

Advantages Of Welding

Improvement Of Structural Load Bearing

As mentioned before, welding helps to improve a structures stability and movement, with an added advantage of helping to not only alleviate the overall load of the structure it is also able to alleviate loads applied to the structure.

For example, shopping centres are large structures which have people moving around in them for long periods of the day, without welding machines, welding parts together, the load would be way too much.

Welding specialist services will ensure that welding machines are functional and are able to do their job, helping to ensure that the overall structural load bearing is as effective as it can be.

Reduction Of Structural Weight

When you are able to displace the weight of the structure, you are adding not only a possibility for more to be put onto the structure, you are also ensuring that safety is being upheld.

When adding steel wires, grids and beams to a structure, either as the main material or inside a concrete structure, the lift and adaptability which it provides will help to soften any major blows or weights that might arise.

The use of welding allows for the strong connection of the different metal parts, spanning longer distances, with the same reliability that a small welding project would provide.

Welders, however, are limited just like any other machine, breaking or malfunctioning. Using welding machine repairs will offer you much more off an option, rather than going out and buying a whole batch of brand new welders.


Not only is using welding as a form of combining two pieces of metal together far more cost effective, as the welding materials does not cost as much, there is also the advantage of welding specialist services in Germiston who will assist in repairing the device.

Welding takes up little time and requires fewer labour, while also being cost effective on its own, meaning that the overall costs will be low.

Tru-Butt offers this service, ensuring that your welding machines are in working order, as well as being able to function at an optimum level.

Long Lasting

On top of the above mentioned, the work that welders do will ensure that structures and products will not have to be replaced or fixed for years to come.

The maintenance of products and structures which use welding, on the parts welded, is fairly low, as welding ensures the complete bondage of parts.

Welding machine repairs is able to ensure that welders are at the top of their game, allowing for welding to do their job in the way.


Welding is an art form in its own right as it is able to develop big structures such as skyscrapers and bridges which would otherwise not be able to be created.

Welding machine repairs ensures that your are working with machines which will be providing top class processes.

This ensures high safety and a low probability of risk as the welding process is far more reliable than other forms of bonding.

On top of this, the overall aesthetic which welding provides keeps that industrial feel, comprised of a solid, robust and productive essence.

Be sure to contact Tru-Butt with any queries on repairing and rewinding your welding machines.

High Development

Not only is welding effective and reliable, it is also something which is a process that does not take up a lot of time in the process itself.

The planning if the welding, the length of parts, where they’re going to go and so on, may take long, however, the actual act of using welding specialist services is a short process.

If you want a device which will get the job done right, and in the least amount of time possible, be sure to look into acquiring a welder or employing professional welders for your needs.

The pace of the welding process is what makes it a highly attractive form of bonding, with the added advantage of welding machine repairs also being highly effective and not consuming a lot of time at all.

When you understand that welding in its essence is something which is convenient, dependable and systematically gets the work done, you can see why it has been tried and trusted for decades.

Why Repairs Is Beneficial

Reduce Expenditure

When you think about it, having to go and find a supplier who will sell you quality welders at a good price can often be time consuming all on its own.

Some suppliers that you used in the past may not be around anymore and you will have to find a new and reliable one, however, the chances that you will need to get a new welder is far lower than your welders simply needing a repair job.

Welding machine repairs will cost much lower than buying brand new welders as the process simply fixes the devices rather than giving you something out the box.

Repairing and rewinding is not a time consuming process and will save you money, ensuring that you will be getting the same quality without having to reach deep into your pocket.

Quality Improvement

When using a welder which may be showing signs of malfunctions or needs for repairing, your quality may be having a knock at this time as well.

By getting welding machines repaired, you will see an increase in the quality output of your welding, something which will also ensure the quality of the products or structures will stay at a high level.

Improved Productivity

Having to wait for any machine to cool down or rest up as it is beginning to dwindle is not only annoying, but it is also time consuming.

Downtime will unfortunately lead to low productivity, with work which should be completed in a short amount of time, taking much longer to complete.

Due to this, you may want to imply the expertise of welding specialist services, which will be able to ensure that you are working at a constant rate throughout your duties and on any specific site or job.

The better your productivity the better your overall final product will be.

Of course, by not spending money on brand new welding machines, you are already ensuring that your return on investment is high.

However, by looking at it in the perspective of the fact that you will be spending less money on repairs than on new machines, the money you did spend in the first place will be much lower, and the return on investment will be far quicker.

This enables you to repair your machines and devices in a short amount of time, in a relatively low cost way, and with the added benefit of an improvement quality of work.

When looking at it from this perspective, you will see that in fact, you will be able to received more out of simply repairing than the spending you will have to do.

Saving Your Money

The main goal of Tru-Butt is to maximise the potential of your welding machines while repairing them at a price which works for both you he client and the company.

Their other goal is to save you money in terms of allowing your devices to be repaired and rewinded, rather than you going out and buying completely fresh and expensive welding machines.

Both goals will be completed by the welding specialist services in Germiston in a professional , experienced and effective way.

Quality control is not just a priority for Tru-Butt, it is a guarantee.

Contact Tru-Butt For More Information

If you’re looking for the best welding specialist services in Germiston, including repairs, contact Tru-Butt today, for more information on their services.

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