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Welding machine problems

Welding machines are complex and even if a small thing goes wrong it will have a huge effect on the machine and your welding work.


The machine won’t start

If your welding machine won’t start it might be because of a blown power supply line fuse, dead power circuit, overloading or wrong voltage input.

The welding machine starter blows a fuse

This can either be because the fuse is too small or because there is a short circuit in the connections.

The welding machine suddenly stops

If your welding machine suddenly stops during welding it might be due to overloading, an obstruction in ventilation or the dysfunction of the internal cooling fan.

The polarity switch doesn’t work

This problem could be because of a worn-out connection or due to improper use of the switch when the welder is still under load.

The electrode holder heats up

This is a common problem and could be due to a loose connection or inappropriate duty cycle of the electrode holder.

Electrical shocks while touching the welder

You may occasionally receive small electrical shocks while touching the welder. It might not happen all the time but can be dangerous. This usually occurs if the frame of your welding machine isn’t grounded properly.

The welding cable gets hot

Sometimes the welding cable will get hot very fast. When this happens, the cable used in the welding machine is likely not of proper size with an inappropriate duty cycle.

Bad ground clamp

If the ground clamp of the welding machine gets coated with oxides the electrons can’t transfer easily. This creates high resistance on the machine and alters the flow of the current.

Damaged cable

The cable will get damaged over time, resulting in frayed and worn areas. Chat to Tru-Butt about replacing the cable safely.

The welding machine won’t switch off

If your welding machine doesn’t switch off until the power supply is turned off, the line switch is worn out or has failed mechanically. Tru-Butt can fix that for you.

In addition to problems with your welding machine, you might also battle with welding defects.

Trouble with wire feeding

The reason for improper wire feeding might be a worn-out drive roller. This could also cause the wire feed to slip.

Low welding

If the tip inside the welding gun is worn, the power from the welding machine doesn’t adequately hit. This creates extra work for the welder.


This commonly occurs on the surface of the bead as the result of bad wiring or inadequate gas flow.

Shrinkage cracks

If the wire is rusty or dirty, or if the bead is too small and concave there might be shrinkage cracks on the weld.

Lateral cracks

If you weld too fast or battle with a very low current and high voltage arc, you can expect some lateral cracks.

Excess spatter

A lot of spatter could be the result of too much high voltage or excess CO2.

General welding machine maintenance

Maintaining your welding machine is essential to avoid problems and minimise defects.

  • Clean the various parts of your welding machine regularly to avoid rust.
  • Check the parts of the machine for damage frequently.
  • Ensure that cables and other equipment used with your welding machine are the correct duty cycle size and compatible with your machine.
  • Never overload the machine and do not exceed the welding depth limit.
  • Always store the welding machine in a cool and dry place.

Welding machine repairs

Tru-Butt’s team is skilled in repairing a range of welding machines, including:

  • MIG machines
  • TIG welders
  • Stick welders
  • Petrol welders
  • Diesel welders
  • Spot welders
  • Butt welders
  • Plasma cutters

All work done comes with a comprehensive three-month guarantee.

For all your welding needs, including repairs, contact Tru-Butt today, for more information on their services.

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