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Why Is Welding Still Vital Today?

There are a lot of products which we have and use in our day to day life which we may not even think has come from the welding process. Practically all vehicles, both land and sea, have used welding machines in order to be welded together, including car parts, buses, boats, ships, planes and helicopters.

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A Crash Course on Welding

Different Types of Welding Joints

In any steel working process, there are a number of ways to shape metal; to give it the shape and structural prowess it needs for additional strength, aesthetics and functionality. Welding services in Johannesburg have been meeting the local need for these services for a long time now, in being one of the most effective and widely used approaches to shaping and joining alloys of a wide range of types

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All you need to know about welding

Let’s be honest welding is a physically tough job and if it’s not done right you can mess up what you are trying to accomplish. Not to worry, we are here to help. We discuss all you need to know about welding from safety precautions to the different types of welding to the benefit of skill.

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How exactly does TIG welding work

Without getting too technical, a TIG electrode is made from tungsten, and how it works is by simply melting metal together without making use of a filler. The tungsten electrode then gets shielded by a gas nozzle to use shielding gas more effectively. Argon is generally used as the shielding gas, however, sometimes helium is also used as the shielding gas. This gas displaces oxygen and some other elements in order to produce better quality welds.

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Maintenance Tips for MIG Welders

MIG welders heats work-piece metals by conducting electric arcs between MIG wire electrodes and the metal in question. This produces enough heat to melt the metals so that they can be joined. They offer a highly effective means of welding joints, but only if they are adequately maintained. When not correctly maintained, components will become worn and unresponsive, or might not conduct enough electricity to weld properly.

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Welding Machines & What They Are Used For

A welder is the equipment used to weld. Welding is the process of joining two materials such as aluminium, steel, plastic, brass, stainless steel or polymer and fusing them together. Different welders use different kinds of energy sources can such as; gas, a laser, flame, an electric arc, friction, an electron beam, or ultra sound. These different welders not only use different energy sources but they also use different processes of welding like arc welding, MIG welding and TIG welding

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Learning the basics of TIG welding

When it comes to TIG welding you need a lot more practice than most welding machines to become proficient. Due to the fact that the TIG welder is a lot more challenging to use, so we have come up with some tips to help. Below are tips to keep in mind when learning the basics of TIG welding.

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Maintaining Your Plasma Cutters

Extending the life of your Plasma cutter can help you save loads of money therefore it is important to know and understand the best ways to maintain your cutter. If you do need repairs done Tru-butt is able to assist. The first things to do is replace your consumable parts regularly. The consumables include the cap, shield, electrode, nozzle, and swirl ring, however the electrode and nozzle are the most commonly replaced consumables

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How to understand the Different Types of Welding Services for Industrial Fabrication

Industry and manufacturing are cornerstones of our society. Welding services allow us to enjoy a high quality of living and they also hold the promise of great advances in the future. The industrial and manufacturing sectors cannot exist without the equipment, structures, and resources created by industrial fabrication, and in turn industrial fabrication as we know it could not exist without welding.

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Advantages of Using Computerised Plasma Cutter

Computerised plasma cutters can easily cut patterns through metal sheets as programmed instructions guide the cutter. The patterns or designs can be altered or re-used as required for mass production or repeat orders. Once the Plasma cutter is programmed, it cuts out the instructed design from the steel sheet using super-heated plasma.

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