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Manufacture and repair of transformers

Tru-Butt is an experienced welding transformer manufacturer and also perform welding transformer repairs.

The basic types of welding transformers that are manufactured and repaired by Tru-Butt’s team include:

High reactance type welding transformer – this transformer supplies current which produces magnetic fluxes around its windings.

External reactor type welding transformers – this transformer consists of a normal reactance, single-phase, step-down transformer, and a separate reactor.

Integral reactor type welding transformer – this transformer has a primary winding, secondary winding, and a reactor winding.

Saturable reactor type welding transformer – with this transformer an isolated low voltage, low amperage DC circuit is used to change the effective magnetic characteristics of the magnetic core.

If you need welding transformer repairs on any of the above-mentioned types of transformers, Tru-Butt can assist. As a welding transformer manufacturer, we can also build any welding transformer you require.

All work done comes with a comprehensive three-month guarantee.

For all your welding needs, including welding transformer repairs or manufacturing, contact Tru-Butt today, for more information.

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