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Welding safety equipment

Tru-Butt offers a comprehensive range of welding safety equipment.

Our range of welding safety equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following categories:

Hand protection

Welders require a variety of gloves to work comfortably. These include cut-resistant gloves, welding gloves, hand shields, and leather gloves. All our gloves are ANSI certified.

Skin protection

Molten metal can cause significant damage and skin protection is critical. Tru-Butt’s safety clothes are made from cotton and wool in a dense weave and treated with a flame-retardant coating.

Eye and face protection

Safety glasses are key welding safety equipment, as are welding helmets. Other welding safety equipment to protect your eyes and face include welding beanies and face shields. The welding safety equipment provided by Tru-Butt comply with ANSI standards.

Foot protection

With flying sparks and falling objects, welders need to protect their feet too. Welding spats, heat-resistant foot and leg covers and safety shoes can be obtained from Tru-Butt’s range of welding safety equipment.

Hearing protection

For hearing conservation, Tru-Butt offers a wide variety of earplugs and earmuffs to provide comfortable protection against hearing loss.

Respiration protection

Often welding can result in toxic fumes, gases, and/or dusts. Most of the time welders won’t need a full mask. Tru-Butt offers smaller and more compact respirators as part of their welding safety equipment.

For all your welding needs, including welding safety equipment, contact Tru-Butt today, for more information.

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