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Advantages of Using Computerised Plasma Cutter

Cutting Process
Computerised plasma cutters can easily cut patterns through metal sheets as programmed instructions guide the cutter. The patterns or designs can be altered or re-used as required for mass production or repeat orders. Once the Plasma cutter is programmed, it cuts out the instructed design from the steel sheet using super-heated plasma. Computerised plasma cutters can cut up to 762 cm/minute and the newly cut piece is ready for the next stage of the process or assembly.

Advantages of Using Plasma Cutting
Computerised plasma cutting offers a remarkably flexible and productive way to meet the various industry requirements by making use of a single machine. The machine operators can adjust the designs and create more accurate cuts on the metal sheets and this is enabled by the computer software that is used in order to create the designs and do all cutting of the metal.

Computerised plasma cutting machines have the ability to cut through various thickness of metal, without any pause once they are programmed. When instructions are programmed, plasma cutting machines can cut exactly and accurately without requiring any changes or adjustments. You can get a good quality cut, even though the cutting is done at a fast rate. Computerised plasma cutting is so labour-saving that it prevents debris and dross from collecting on the underside of the metal, which ensures that you get a superb final product that does not require any second finishing touch.

Robust Machines
Computerised plasma cutting machines are usually very well built and robust and have been built to withstand long working hours and to ensure their longevity. These cutting systems can withstand operating at extremely high temperatures and repeated usage. The computer systems of the plasma cutters can be set as per the cutting instruction and in case a component of the plasma cutter malfunctions, fix can be done remotely, while the work continues undisturbed.

At Tru-Butt we repair and provide maintenance for CNC Plasma Cutting machines, we have a highly trained and experienced team that will never leave any problem unsolved. To view all our services we provide do not hesitate to visit our site and get in touch. Tru-Butt

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