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The Benefits Of Plasma Cutting Welding Equipment

Plasma cutting welding machines have advanced with innovative technology being adopted. As such the impact of plasma has become even more paramount to the success of your business.

With high definition plasma cutting welding machines you can provide the best standard cuts. Moreover, you will do it in a fast and efficient manner with far more precision than before.

You can now ensure that you cut costs where wastage, overtime and defects are no longer present.

Below is a list of benefits which the plasma cutting welding machines offer to their users. All advantages ensure that your business will succeed in the field of welding.


The plaster cutter can be used up to 2 inches of thickens. With this it is able to ensure fast speeds of cutting. With thinner metal you will be able to speed up the cutting process even more. The welding machine has more than 12 times more speed in cutting than if you were to use oxyfuel.

When you can cut more in less time then you can improve your overall operations and enhance your productivity.

Mitigated Dross

Oxyfuel gives off consolidated dross which is created through the chemical reaction between steel and oxygen.

However, with the use of plasma cutter welding machines you no longer have this issue. The elec-trically charged process will blow the molten metal away from the cut itself.

With minimal dross you now can get the process done within your allotted time. This is down to the fact that grinding or chiseling will no longer be needed as the process removes any excess metal instantly.

No Plate Warping

Last but not least is the fact that plasma cutting does no have any plat warping present. The fact that heat is reduced in the process means that any plat warping is avoided.

This is a common problem for those using oxyfuel and therefore is no longer an issue for any of the cutting staff.

Get the job done fast, efficiently and with precision today.

Contact Tru-Butt Today

Contact Tru-Butt today for more information on our plasma cutting and other welding machine services.

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